Blood Brothers

Bill and Brian came up with the Ultimate Bowhunting concept after starting as a website that provided a platform for the serious bowhunter. Their mission is to take a concept of "working men and women" slam show to the internet. Their goal is to accomplish as many types of recognized and "working man" type of slams as they can all done with bow and all on film.

They will be hunting Big Game, Turkeys, Predators, Gators,
Hogs, Spearfishing all with bow. Along the way they will share their learning's, failures, successes, and products used to help them get job done. Brian and Bill grew up hunting together and have been passionate bowhunters for many years.

"Our goal is to bring as high of production value as possible to viewers but
leverage our learning's / resources on the internet to drive as many vistors to as possible. For us it is all about the Journey".

Bill is Co-Founder of Stick'em Archery and Ultimate Bowhunting TV. Bill Lawson was born and still resides in Kissimmee Florida. He was raised hunting and fishing on his families 8,000-acre ranch. Bill shot his first buck at age 12 that scored in the mid 130s. Hunting has always been extremely important part of his life. After graduating High School and attending Valencia Community College, he began managing the family ranch.

Bill managed the cattle, citrus, and sod operations on the ranch. A tremendous amount of effort and pride went into running their ranch. The quality of cattle, sod and citrus were a reflection of Bill and his Dads attention to detail. Due to the level of nutrition available to their cattle herd there was no shortage of wildlife on the ranch.

At an early age Bill recognized the need to implement some management strategies. He recognized that they had some herd management issues with too many does and not the quality of bucks he hoped to have. After five years of thinning does and culling bucks. Along with focused efforts to provide high protein nutrition for their deer herd. The ranch had begun to achieve their desired buck to doe ratio and the quality bucks (both antler / body size) anyone would be proud to harvest. From 1990 to 1999 an average of 3 to 4 bucks would be harvested a year that would score above 130 Boone and Crockett. This is almost unheard of so far south in Florida, where the average deer weighs 120 lbs. It was not uncommon to see 200lb. deer harvested.

Over the past five years Bill has become an avid bow hunter. He and his business partner, Brian Stephens, have hunted together for many years in the Southeast and parts of midwest. Bill brings a great deal of knowledge to UBTV through his first hand experience of implementing management strategies, and over twenty years of hunting experience. Bill also has over fifteen years of experience in the Telecom industry. He has worked with MCI world com, and Embarq managing multiple responsibilities and projects.

Brian Stephens is the Co-Founder of Stick'em Archery and Ultimate Bowhunting TV. He was born in Okeechobee, FL where his Dad worked for Lykes Brothers Ranch. Several years later he and his family moved to Cocoa, Fl where his Dad worked for Duda and Sons Ranch. As a young boy Brian grew up riding horses, working cows, building fence and

hunting / fishing with his family. Ever since then he has had a passion for being in the woods and hunting. A number of years later he moved to Kissimmee, FL due to his Dad taking a job as Executive Vice President of the Florida Cattlemen’s Association. There his family continued to manage a small herd of cattle, and showed 4-H steers.

Brian fell in love with archery at an early age, getting his first Bear Bow at the age of twelve. During that time Brian met his current business and hunting partner Bill Lawson. They grew up and have been hunting together for the past twenty years. Brian attended Valencia Community College in Orlando, FL, where he received his Associates of Arts degree. Brian then attended the University of Florida where he received a B.S. in Nutritional Sciences and Biochemistry. After college he joined Johnson & Johnson as a pharmaceutical sales representative. Over the past fiftenn years he has taken on a number of roles in sales, sales management and account management. Brian has also earned his MBA in marketing and finance.

Over the past ten years he has become an avid bow hunter. “I enjoy the strategy, planning, challenge and gratification of success when everything comes together. It is a sport that keeps you humble and always learning.” He has bow hunted all over the Southeast and parts of midwest. Brian has harvested some quality deer with his bow over the past five years. In 2007 he harvested a Pope and Young non-typical buck that was 186 7/8 inches net score breaking the non-typical record set in 1973. Currently, his buck is the second largest non-typical buck ever taken with a bow in Georgia. He was featured in North American Whitetail (August 2008), Woods n Water (September 2008), and Georgia Sportsmen (October 2008) magazines. In 2012 Brian also accomplished a Turkey Grand Slam with his bow all on film that will be shown on UBTV. Brian has also been involved in fitness and working out for over twenty years. He also enjoys scuba diving and spear fishing with his brothers.

Rolando Veloso grew up in Miami and has vast experience diving off both coasts of Florida. Rolando has extensive knowledge of local, state and federal regulations and has been involved in promoting and maintaining spearfishing rights throughout the state. Rolando is also a member of the F.R.A (Fishing Rights Alliance) and was co-host of Offshore Hunters, one of the first exclusive spearfishing television shows which

aired in 2005 on Fox's Sun Sports Network. A few of the favorite fish that Rolando loves to spearfish are the Black grouper and King Mackeral (Kingfish). Rolando will be a frequent contributor to Ultimate Bowhunting TV as they travel to the Keys and other destinations chasing fish with their spear guns.

Mark Stephens brother of Co-Host Brian Stephens and Ron Stephens. Mark started diving at the age of 10. After coming into the Army and finishing Special Forces Training he attended the Special Forces Underwater Operations Course to become a Combat Diver. He also earned his Dive Master rating and is currently a NAUI Instructor. Mark has approximately 2,000 logged dives (open circuit and closed circuit) and also is

an advanced free diver. He is the President of the Teen Research Underwater Explorers (TRUE); a youth group that is based on marine science and diving learning leadership, mentorship and ocean stewardship. Mark has dove in Thailand, Okinawa, Panama! Honduras, Philippines, Cuba, Caribbean, US, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Guam, and many other places.

Mark Stephens was born in Central Florida where his family worked for several large cattle ranches (Lykes Brothers and Duda & Sons). During that time Mark spent a great deal of time in the outdoors hunting and fishing. Several years later his family moved to Kissimmee, FL due to his Dad taking a job as the Executive Vice President of Florida Cattlemen’s Association. During this time he and his brothers showed 4-H steers and continued to hunt as much as possible.

After High School Mark Stephens enlisted in the United States Army, where he spent almost 22 years in Special Operations; retiring in 2005. He served with Special Forces (Green Berets) on Operational Detachment Alphas (ODAs) with 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne) in Okinawa, Japan and 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne) at Fort Bragg, NC. In 1991, Mark Stephens joined the Army Special Mission Unit spending almost 14 years as a Special Operations Operator. Mark brings a great deal of tactical expertise to our team and will be an ongoing contributor.

Mark Stephens’ military training and education includes the Advanced Non-Commissioned Officers Course, the Basic Non-Commissioned Officers Course, the Operator Training Course, Special Forces Qualifications Course, Special Forces Operations and Intelligence Course, Special Forces Combat Divers Course, Jumpmaster Course, Military Freefall Jumpmaster Course, Special Weapons and Tactics Course, Tactical Pistol and Rifle Training Course, Special Operations Target Interdiction (Sniper) Course, DOD High Risk Survival Course, Marine Reconnaissance School, Advanced Land Navigation, and numerous shooting, driving and hand-to-hand combat courses. Mark also has earned a Masters Degree in Security Management from Almeda University in 2003.

Mark Stephens’ combat deployments include 3 deployments to Iraq for OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM, 3 deployments to Afghanistan for OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM (to include beginning first boots on the ground), to Somalia as part of TASK FORCE RANGER, other significant real world classified operational deployments include Honduras (OPERATION GOLDEN PHEASANT, 1988), in Panama (1989), counter-narcotics operations with the USCG (OPERATION HAT TRICK II, 1991), in the Balkans / Bosnia and Columbia. Numerous other contingency operations around the world.

Mark Stephens’ awards and decorations include the Legion of Merit, 5 Bronze Stars for Valor and Combat, 4 Purple Hearts, Defense Meritorious Service Medal, the Meritorious Service Medal, 4 Joint Service Commendation Medals, the Army Commendation Medal, 4 Army Achievement Medals, the NATO Medal, the United States Coast Guard Commandant’s Letter of Commendation with “O” device, the United States Coast Guard Special Operations Ribbon, 2 Armed Forces Expeditionary medals, the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal with Arrowhead, the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, the Armed Forces Service Ribbon, the Valorous Unit Award, the Army Superior Unit Award, the Special Forces Tab, Combat Infantryman’s Badge 2nd Award, the Military Freefall Jumpmaster Badge, the Master Parachutist Badge, the Scuba Diver’s Badge, the Guatemalan Parachutist Badge and the Polish Parachutist Badge.

Ron is brother to both Mark and Brian Stephens. Ron is an avid diver and spear fisherman. He has dove all over the world and experienced numerous diving scenarios over the past 25 years. He has logged hundreds of hours underwater from coast to coast and in the Caribbean. Ron introduced his boys into the

sport of diving at the age of twelve and they have not looked back. "My greatest joy comes from teaching my boys how to be smart, safe, and successful divers. Ron will be a contributor to Ultimate Bowhunting TV.

Ron is also the CEO of sister company Stick’em Archery. Ron brings over twenty years of business experience in areas of business development, operations, sales, and marketing in the healthcare industry. During this time he has launched a number of new brands and developed new sales teams to pull products through to market. He has a BS degree from University of Florida and an MBA from Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. Ron has a proven track record of success and driving results throughout his career.

Ron was born in Killeen, TX, but grew up working cattle, riding horses, hunting, and fishing with his family in Florida during the 60's and 70's. He enjoyed getting into the woods as often as he could. Ron built many lifelong memories with his brothers and family during those years as well as developing a love for the outdoors.